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Microsoft Office Native on Linux? Really?

Phoronixx is reporting that in addition to Android, Linux Desktop operating systems, may be seeing a native version of Microsoft Office as early as 2014. Could this open the floodgates of other big name development firms such as Adobe (CS Studio) begin developing natively for Linux. That would certainly be a welcome change.
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Disable Java Web Plugin


Various departments within the United States government including, CERT and DHS have advised all users to disable the Java Web Plugin for all browsers. This is a fail safe measure and may not be required depending on the version of Java you have installed, however, since determining the installed version(s) of Java and that which your browser uses is somewhat challenging for the uninitiated so most sites and news stories are recommending a blanket disabling of the Java Plugin in ALL browsers is recommended.

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Talend Open Studio for Data Integration


In just about all aspects of information technology there is a need for some form of integration. This is perhaps more true when, instead of using an ERP system an organization makes use of disparate independent systems. When using disparate systems it is likely that IT is asked by management to report on data that is stored, in likely different, forms in multiple systems.

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Linux Innovation


After emerging over the last few years, Linux has become a commonly used program. It is especially successful in the financial field, where the need for extremely quick servers is huge.

It's origin lies in an open source, enabling it to be utilized and edited by its users. Because of this, people have been allowed to adapt it to their own needs, thus not having to rely on others to improve their ease of work.

This, in turn, has created unintended improvements to the system itself, and helped connected parties as well.

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Fedora 14


It's been quite a while but I'm back in the proverbial saddle. Trying out Fedora Core 14.

Using a Latitude D630 laptop to give this one a whirl. I have been playing around with the idea of doing some development in Linux so I have installed Eclipse with support for PHP as well as Eric4 for Python development.

I am creating accounts on this machine for the boys too to see how well they do with reconciling the educational systems love for Microsoft and their home world of Linux and Windows based machines.

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Nodes functioning properly


Well, after an upgrade to our hosted server I have finally found my way back to Linuxphile to make sure all is functioning.

I quickly discovered that mod rewrite was not functioning properly. The Cpanel upgrade broke the .htaccess files. All of the links should be functioning now.

I apologize to any who were trying to access any of the content.

I'm hoping to find some time in the near future to add content.

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Google Voice


I am an avid supporter of Google. It is with no surprise that I found myself submitting my email address for an invitation to Google's latest product, Google Voice. Approximately two weeks after applying, after a podcast begging for an invitation I did receive the invitation.

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A Review of Jaunty Jackalope


Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope is now available. The folks working on Ubuntu have focused this release on boot time and user experience with the integration of many application notifications into a single unobtrusive notification window.

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Accessing Linux Partitions Within Windows


My laptop is setup in a dual environment. I have both Windows XP and Ubuntu 8.04. I switch regularly between the two operating systems throughout the day as there are tools on both systems that I need tow ork with for my job. In doing this, however, I am often creating documents in both environments that I may need while working within the other operating system.

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Google Documents


I have several laptop and desktop computers. Depending on where I am and how well prepared I am I could be working on any of the three laptops I own, or on my father's desktop, my brother's laptop, etc. Having these varied machines to work with has necessitated a review of how I author documents.

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