Microsoft and Open Source

When I first began really getting in to Linux and other open source projects I never imagined Microsoft participating in that world.  Nor did I want them to.  Looking back I do not quite understand the angst that drove me away from Microsoft, but I can say that by using Linux and Open Source Software such as Apache, MySQL, and PHP I have strengthened the knowledge I have of computing in general and software development specifically.  

"Teenage angst has paid off well." 

Today, five children later, I am quite excited about Microsoft's efforts to open up and open source .Net. .Net is a great development framework and environment.  Clearly there is a market to run .Net code on Linux.  Look to Mono and Xamarin for proof of that.  Having the force of Microsoft behind making .NET work on Linux and Mac will make the likelihood of success even greater. 

I am certain I won't be re-writing Linuxphile in .NET, however, I would definitely work with .NET on Linux for future projects.  Imagine combining the great server environment Linux offers with the great development framework of .NET.  I can think of many pratical applications for making me go this way.  Plus it would be fun, ironic and I could look back at my 18 year old self and laugh at the angry outbursts and idealistic foaming at the mouth that would surely have occurred. 


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