Site Hacked

Well, it is quite embarrassing for me to admit, but Linuxphile was hacked.  I was a slacker neglecting to update the vulnerable version of Drupal the site was running.  Pure laziness.  I hadn't touched Linuxphile in months and event after a message from a user at letting me know the site was hacked, I put off looking in to it for a while.  It wasn't until Mike Cermak notified me of the abusive/fake paypal account affecting his other clients that I finally did something about it.  

That something wasn't to patch Drupal, nor to undo the hack.  I wiped out everything, taking only a backup of the database.  Clean!  

The site being hacked was actually a good thing for me.  I kept telling myself it was too hard to find time to dedicate to the site with the size of my family.  Five kids; can you imagine?  Well I've found if I deprive myself of sleep I can in fact find time for the site.  I have gotten back in to technology as a hobby by re-writing the site from the ground up.  

I'll provide more details on how the site was built, but I've learned my lesson about being a lazy admin and further I'm going to refrain from using pre-packaged systems if I can avoid it.  Security through obsurity, right? :)  

Linuxphile content will be changing somewhat with this resurrected site.  I've changed a good bit from the ideallistic young man who began the site back in 2005.  I still enjoy using Linux and have a number of devices around the house making use of the greatest OS, however, I've also grown up a bit and am not so stuck on Linux as the only tool in my toolbox.  Though it is a Swiss Army knife, Linux us is not always the right tool for the job. 

I'll publicly admit now, that I am using a Mac Book Pro, with Mac OS, and am thoroughly enjoying it.  Yeah, my twenty-five year old self would be planning my assassination, base on that.  

Currently my days are spent in a less technical manner than they used to, however, my nights, with this site, re-write have been spent doing helping my wife with her recipe blog, Twisted Tastes, which is written in a similar manner to Linuxphile.  This antiquated developer is becoming acquainted with HTML5, AJAX and JSON.  I'm loving it.  

Really looking forward to providing some useful content in the very near future.  


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